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Jessica Garner

Hi! My name is Jessica Garner!

Jessica Garner

Hi! My name is Jessica Garner!

I am a 2020 high school graduate and I have an overflowing passion for making, trying, and sharing delicious recipes.

I also have a passionate longing for not only body-acceptance but body-love in myself and others.

I have always been drawn towards food and the creativity, interactions, and beauty that it brings. This has clashed, however, with my desire to control my weight and body appearance. It has been a bumpy road but I have learned strategies and mindsets and been introduced to amazing resources that have helped me change this aspect of my life (which apparently was affecting every aspect of my life).

I am not perfect but I have learned ways to disconnect what I eat with my self-worth and enjoy food again! It’s not really about the food and with some metal redirects you can have a healthier body and mind that is rooted in love.

In my Body-Positivity Blog, I have found an outlet for my desire to share these tools that have helped me so much and I am doing so in hopes that it will also benefit others. I know I am not alone in my journey and in my small circle, I have seen my old behaviors in so many people. This is why I want to share the way to the peace that I have found.

As I am authentic in sharing my journey along side delicious, fun recipes, I hope we will be able to love who we are and what we make in the kitchen and confidently enjoy it right now.

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Be a trusted source of some nutritious, some fun, but always delicious recipes for all occasions

Create a space where you can fall in love with food again and ditch that side of guilt

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