Guacamole Platter


…What a classic dip! Everyone is familiar with and loves Guacamole. You can never go wrong with this simple, fun, colorful side. 

Among me and my 5 siblings, when a bowl of guacamole was set before us, it would be gone in minutes. First of all, it’s delicious and second of all, once you have one chip with guac, you have to go until it’s gone. So (based on experience) I would say just go ahead and double or triple this recipe to delay the disappointment of an empty bowl of guacamole and a bag still full of chips….I mean what a waste or chips!

Guacamole takes every dish to the next level but I think this recipe takes Guacamole to the next level! It’s more than just mashed avocados and a couple shakes of salt. The flavors of the tomatoes, cilantro, onion, and seasonings are in perfect balance. I honestly think the avocados are the carrying device for all the chunky, flavorful ingredients in this recipe. 

are your avocados ripe?

The easiest method I have found to test the ripeness of an avocado is just by the feel of it. If the avocados are hard, obviously it is under ripe. There should be some give when you lightly squeeze the avocado but not enough to leave an indent. 

Avocados are hard to find perfectly ripe and they never follow your timeline. If you have hard avocados and you want to speed up the ripening process of your avocados, this video walks through some common methods.

How to Store

If you like to eat puke green colored guacamole you can skip this part. You can also skip this part if your like me and you never have leftover guacamole to even worry about storing it.

One of the reasons I try not to leave leftover guacamole is because it always look 100% less appetizing the next day. There is always a gross discoloration that takes place on the top layer of guac. Even though this is actually totally fine and you can mix it all up and it’s fine, the thought is always kind of disturbing. 

There are a couple factors that play into this discoloration:

  1. Oxygen. The reason only the top layer turns brown is because that part is exposed to oxygen. I honestly don’t know why oxygen does this (I’m no food scientist, I just eat the food) but it does.
    • A simple way to avoid this natural phenomenon is by pressing saran wrap onto the guacamole in a tupperware and all around the edges then snapping on a lid like you normally would.
  2. Acidity. The second way to keep your guacamole fresher longer is by increasing its acidity level. Acid kills bacteria…which turns food gross colors I guess…This is why most guacamole recipes have lime or lemon juice.
    • This recipe has plenty of lime juice so you should be good here.
  3. Pits. This is just a random tip because I have no idea why it works but if you leave the pits in the guacamole it will extend its fresh life. 
    • So, if your bring guac to a party and it will be sitting out for awhile, just throw the pits back in after you make the guac and it will remain appealing all night!

Ideas/Excuses of how to Eat Guacamole

Give it a try and I hope you love what you make!



Love What You Make
Guacamole is a classic dip that levels up any dish with its flavors and creamy texture.
Prep Time 10 mins
Course Snack
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 2 cups


  • 3 Avocados
  • 3 tbsp Cilantro packed
  • 2 Roma Tomatoes
  • 1 small Onion
  • 1 ½ tbsp Lime juice about the juice from 1 lime
  • 1 tsp Garlic minced
  • 2 pinches Cayenne pepper
  • ½ tsp Salt


  • Peel and mash the avocados
  • Dice the tomatoes and onion
  • Finely chop/mince the cilantro and garlic
  • Combine everything with the avocados, stir well, and adjust salt to taste. Enjoy!


  • To help preserve the freshness and color of the guacamole, keep the pits in the dip.
  • Refrigerate for at least one hour before eating to let all the flavors mesh together.



When you make a recipe, take a picture,  post it and tag me!

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