Is this Blog for You?

Who is this blog for?

If you have daily, negative thoughts about your body image.

For 97% of women, negative self-talk about their body is a daily occurrence (according to a survey reported on CBS News). Sometimes it seems like your the only one who can’t find confidence in your body. You are not alone though because you are joined by almost every single woman. So in short, if you’re a female, this blog will help you. 

If you have, currently, or think you have ever dealt with an eating disorder or any disordered eating behaviors.

I don’t think it’s beneficial to label anyone with an eating disorder or similar behaviors. Everyone has different levels of disordered eating behaviors. I think what is helpful is recognizing these harmful habits in yourself so you can improve them.

Can you relate to any of these behaviors?

    • Every spare moment you are thinking about your body image and how others perceive you
    • Often you don’t eat with other people or eat what they are eating out of fear of judgment or that they won’t understand
    •  Extreme restricting
    • Let nutritional labels make decisions for you
    • Feeling extremely guilty after eating something that is “unhealthy” or after eating “more than you should have”
    • Tell people you don’t like foods as an excuse to not eat them
    • Tell yourself you love “healthy” foods and don’t like “unhealthy foods”
    • If you stop to think, you don’t know what foods you truly like and dislike
    • Exercise out of obligation but tell people you do it because you love it
    • Have to catch a glimpse of yourself in every mirror or reflection you pass
    • Feel out of control
    • Feeling the desire to undo what you just ate or how much you ate

This list contained a mixture of behaviors of several eating disorders. Even if you could relate to one of these bullet points on any level I would recommend seeking guidance. That can be from this blog or in another place. Everyone has room for improvement.

If you want to improve your whole life

To be honest, the process of body acceptance and towards your goals is hard and continual. So many times I want to slip back into my old habits, and sometimes I do. But, also being honest, all the effort you put into you will be totally worth it and you will see improvement!

I can’t even tell you how grateful I am that I came across body-positivity and intuitive eating. Once you experience some of the freedom body acceptance gives you, you will feel so powerful!

I could go on and on about how beneficial this investment in yourself would be. That isn’t helpful though unless you are willing to recognize there is potential for growth in yourself. You have to be willing to recognize the lies you have been believing while remaining compassionate to yourself.

Who am I?

I am not a nutritionist. I am not a doctor. I have no education in this field to impress you with or give me credibility. What I do have though is real experiences.

You have no idea how much I debated whether or not I should even create this blog. I am not 100% free of my disordered eating habits and I have some really low days; However, I finally decided to just go for it. I realized the journey is for learning and I want to make sure I am sharing as much of what I am learning as I can. 

Through my own “eating disorder” (I still don’t like that label), I have learned so much! Improving myself and my life fascinates me and I never want to go back. 

I have been given and come across some amazing tips, mindsets, and resources that I know will also be beneficial in your life. 

I am still in the middle of my journey and I don’t have it all figured out, but, I am going to keep learning and sharing until I do. 

The Blog


In this blog, I will go through the topics and areas about body-acceptance that were hard for me, hard to apply, and hard to recognize.

I will share things I have learned from my experience, from my nutritionist, from my family, friends, leaders, podcasts, and many other resources I have been blessed with. 

In this blog, I will also focus on the application. This, to me, is the most important part of improving yourself. Many people forget to include this step. The thoughts and strategies are great but if you don’t know how to implement them in your life, it’s not helpful.

I am so excited to share the knowledge that I have accumulated and level up my life right along with you. I also can’t wait for you to feel the level of joy and freedom that I have and didn’t even know was possible.

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